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icons30's Journal

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Thanks to milou_veronica for the beautiful layout. (:
Further credit to cascianca for your great work (Sign - up banner Round 1).
Current Community Header made by tahlly.

Welcome to icons30.

You just stumbled over a very new icon_contest community run by tahlly.

We have at least one challenge every month as well as little surprises along the way.

Right now we are a small group of friends. The plan, however, is to become a great community so that a system of teams and points can be achieved.

Therefore I invite you to check it out.

If there are any open questions, don't hesitate to ask either me or one of my faithful mods.
I hope you like what you see. If that's the case..

.. feel free to ask for permission to join us. But remember - This is still a 'Friends Only' community.

Further details about the challenges are given within the information posts.

Needless to say that our future affiliates are welcome as well.
Please comment to this post if you want to be promoted & promote us in return.

Below you can find links to all affiliates.

Enjoy looking around.
Hopefully we'll welcome you as one of our own soon.